Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Understanding Blogs

Hello everyone. Let me say that I am very impressed by how many of you have completed the tasks I have asked to complete up to this point. I hope that we will all be in school next week, so we can make sure everyone is caught up, and so you can begin creating your own blogs! Before we do that, however, let's take a look at what blogs are first.

Welcome to our classroom blog. You guys have done a great job of checking in here this week, and I am sure you will become even more accustomed to spending time here soon. This blog will be one of many tools we will use to create our own online community. I have chosen to call this blog a Community of Learners, because I feel that the concept of community is very important to learning. We have been discussing the idea of community at length so far this year, and I hope that we can use this space to further that conversation. I also hope that we can interact with each other as a class, as well as connect and learn from other classrooms and teachers around the world.

I know this is all very new to some of you, so we will take it slow. Unfortunately our Internet connection at school is unreliable at this time, but I do not want this unreliability to affect our work. The fact that we have not seen each other for a week and still got so much done is a good sign. Even when we are back together, I will expect you to do many technological tasks at home. Each day I will show you how to do something in class and will expect for you to figure out to compete the task at home.

Part of learning is the ability to take risk and make mistakes. I hope that you will soon feel comfortable trying things out, learning how to ask proper questions, and finding the answers on your own.

I want you to watch the video below about blogs, so that you will be ready to create your own blogs next week and use them to share your ideas, reflect on you learning, express yourselves, and connect with students and teachers around the world. Your blogs will serve many purposes and I will explain them to you in time- sometimes you will use them strictly for school, but I would like you to take ownership of your space and share posts that reflect your interests in addition to the school assignments I give to you.

Please watch this video and in the comment section of this post answer the questions below the video:

Please answer all four of these questions using complete sentence:

  1. What kinds of topics will you like to share?

  2. What is your "news?"

  3. Who do you hope will read your blog?

  4. What questions do you have about blogs?


  1. The topics i would like to share are sports and ps3 updates and news im not sure what my news is yet but im thinking. I hope everybody will read my blog because it will stand out and be very interesting. And my question about blogs are they easy to use nd efficient.

  2. 1. I would like to share current news, events and new things that have happened like music, art, books, pictures and movies.
    2. Some of my "news" would be that during the the Eid holiday, i went to the sand dunes and to the Sealine to swim and found lots of slugs and shells that still have animals living in it. I've also seen a new movie called Bandslam with Candida and girls from year 8.
    3. Family and friends
    4. I cant think of any right now..

  3. Added to my favourites list and added to my blogroll.