Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blogger of the Week

As our blogging initiative really starts to gain speed, I am noticing that a few of you are really starting to get the hang of what it means to be a good blogger. We have decided in order to encourage and support your work, each week we will have a Blogger of the Week. This person will receive a star or mark, which will identify them as the most effective blogger of that week. There will be three, one from each year group, assigned. The people with the most marks will receive a prize at the end of term.

Here are some features of what good bloggers do:

  • Write a nice catchy title and categorize all of their posts

  • Write to the point using clear and effective language

  • Beware of grammatical mistakes. No lower case i and incomprehensible sentences

  • Be regular and write posts that are not just Homework assignments. They share their world with their readers

  • Using Creative Commons pictures wherever possible and site their sources. Or better yet take their own photos to use

  • Take risks and figure out how to do things on their own

  • Share links and other information through their blogs.

This first month has been a learning experience for us all and yet there have still  been several blogs that have stood out in each year group. It was hard to narrow it down to just three. Please take the time to look at the following exemplar blogs; take a look

at some of their post, leave them comments and ask yourself, what are they doing that makes their blogs so effective.

Year 7

Year 8
James M.
James A.

Year 9

And the winner is....Drum Roll please....

Year 7
Iona (This post in particular was excellent!)

Year 8
Rachel (Take a look at all the extra pages Rachel has added to make her Blog more personal)

Year 9
Marrissa (While Marrissa doesn't speak much in class, she is using her Blog to open up and share her ideas!)

Great job everyone. The winners for next week will be posted next Thursday!

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