Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Year 7 -The Egypt Game: Rituals and Strange Happenings

In English we have been reading The Egypt Game and looking at rituals. While the children in the story have been playing a game, and we have had some fun with drama and rituals, we want to take a closer look at the role rituals play in our daily lives. This is a short clip of some skits we worked on in class.

Now we want you think about some rituals or ceremonies from your life and your culture. What do you? Why are they important to you? Please share them here in the comments, or if you need more room feel free to write a blog post about it. You can also share this clip with your friends and family and let them comment as well.

If you would like to embed this video onto your blog, follow these instructions:

1. Find the Embed code on the lower right hand corner of the Youtube player.Copy or Cut it.

2. Go to your Blog editor and type any text you want to write answering the questions for your homework..

3. Find the words Visual and HTML in the upper right hand corner of the editor.

Add New Post ‹ Community of Learners — Edublogs

4. Click on HTML, then paste the Embed code from Youtube. The one you had cut earlier.

5. Click back to Visual and you will see a big pink box, once you publish this will be a Youtube player!

There you go. Feel free to embed the clip to help talk about your experience and answer the questions for homework. Feel free to leave any comments about the video below or directly on Youtube!


  1. This Video is awesome, I shared it on Facebook!!!

  2. I Agree, Jeppe!

    It put a smile on my face. =)