Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Year 9 History Homework

In class, we have been talking a lot about the "Nature" of warfare. We have come up with 10 characteristic features of 20th century warfare:

  • Ariel Combat

  • Navel Combat

  • Ground Combat

  • Hand to Hand Combat

  • Urban Combat

  • Bombs

  • Ceremonies

  • Trench Warfare

  • Leaders

  • Statistics/Deaths

I asked you to free write about what it would feel like to be in one of the pictures you have that illustrates one of these features. In class, we began a Google Doc, in which you are typing up your narrative using sensory language to depict the nature of warfare. Please continue to work on this and finish it for homework.

I would also like you to find a relevant Youtube clip that will give your readers a sense of your topic. Please embed it on your blog and write a few lines about why you chose the clip and how it relates to your category. How does this clip illustrate the nature of warfare?  You can use some of the facts you found, mixed with your newly written narratives. If you forgot how to embed a video, please watch this tutorial below:

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