Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to you, my new students in Jakarta. It has taken a long time to get these classes finalized and sorted, and now that we have done that, I have up and flown to Shanghai. I am sorry for that. Please watch the video below to hear my explanation:

Fear not, I have several tasks I would like you to complete before I return, so let's take a group breath and get to work.

1. The first thing I would like you to do is set up a Gmail account. You can get started by clicking here or just goggle Gmail. I hope you can figure it out on your own. If you are having problems you can watch this video.

2. Once you have done that, please email me your new address to Mrraisdana@gmail.com I will create a group for you and send you a quick response.

3. After you have done that, see if you can leave a comment on this blog. Simply click to the bottom of this post and click on comment. Leave a line or two that says hello. Use your first name only and which class you are in! Tell us about what you like to do in your free time.

4. I am sure many of you use Facebook! I would love to be able to send you information about our class, but to do so you have to "like" my page. Don't worry I won't see your profile and you won't see mine. You will just receive class updates and other cool things in your feed. Click here.

5. Please follow this link to take a survey on technology.

That should keep you busy for a few sessions. If you have any problems please, ask the teacher in the room, your classmates or  email me at mrraisdana@gmail.com and I will help you sort things out. There will be new tasks soon, so please stay tuned here at Community of Learners.


  1. Hi Jabiz,
    Alex was the only one who said he didn't have the work, up to and including the "link" survey, completed. I let them complete other homework for now. If you have any other work you wish to post or dirrect me too, please do.

  2. Hallo my name is Alia. I'm 13 years old. My hobbies are playing soccer, playing badminton, and playing guitar. I like to listening to the music. I like hard rock music, and I like classical and jazz music, because it can be my inspired. I like classical gas by Mason Williams, because the song is very nice and I would to learn the guitar.

  3. hi, my name is oribel. i am is 13 years old, my birthday is on 2nd of october. my favorite color is black and white.

  4. hello my name is Viana Reynaldi.
    you can call me Viana, my hobby is swimming and shopping.
    I have one older brother and i dont have sister.
    i dont like reading, but sometimes when im bored i want to read some interesting book.

  5. Hello Mr Jabbiz! Im Wi SUng :D
    Good day hehe :)
    im grade 83!

  6. hi, my name is Veny. i am 13. i am a students of sinarmas world academy grade 8. my hobby is soccer, swimming and traveling. my favorite color is blue and purple.

  7. Hello my name is wyan. I like to play games, explore, and read books. At my free time I like to play games with my laptop. At home I like to play with my little sister, play my DS, and watching TV. What I don't like is to get too much home work. My favorite sport is badminton. I always use my facebook to chat and play games at there. My nationality is Indonesia and I born at Jakarta. I also like funny teachers and jokes. Ok! thats all I have too say thank you!!

  8. hello mr. j my name is Gaudi my hobby is playing soccer, basket ball and play video games and play games in my laptop and play a competition in the back of my house and i also have one bad brother he also go to school in SWA and i like to play with my friends in my spare time but know i am 12 years old i never play with my old friends in my old school and we sometimes also play chat from home to home and we also make a secret hiding places near our home and also in our school at my old school i also never play with my friends so rough and play with them smoothly and kindly we also play online game in the internet for 1 or 3 days then we stop playing until we recover our hand for playing the game again. I also break my left hand because driving a 4 wheels motor cycle until i fell down and i also fall out from the bicycle and this is all about me Mr. Jabiz.

  9. Hi Mr.Jabiz!!
    I want to Introduce my self...
    My name is Gabriella Natashya Hutapea...just call me Gaby if you want to...^^
    I'm in grade 7R or 7-3
    I'm female
    In my free time I like to do something fun like,playing games,read comics,and watch movies and cartoons...
    some of my favorite cartoon is Mickey mouse and Phineas and Ferb in Disney Channel...
    ok thats all

  10. Hi Mr. Jabiz,
    I'm Lidya grade 7J/ 7.2
    My hobby is swimming, traveling, browsing. My birthday is on 19 august. my favorite color is purple, blue, green, yellow, white. :p

  11. Hi Mr.Jabiz.....
    i'm Anindya from 7.R, i was born in Indonesia 12 years ago, i love animals especially dogs and hamsters my hobbies is playing basketball, shopping, listening to music and playing baseball, someday i want to be an architect.

  12. Hello! My name is Nabila, i was born in Indonesia (Jakarta). I have 1 little baby brother his name is Kay, and i have 1 sister her name is Aqila. Actually i'm twins. My hobby is hang out with my friends, watch movie in the theater, listen to the music, playing piano, and playing internet like instant messenger. In my free time i like to spending my time with Kay, he makes me really happy since he was born. Well that's it i hope you enjoy it :D.

  13. hello, Mr Jabiz

    My name is Rafi my class is 7B, i am 12 years old.
    My hobby is playing games, reading comic and watching tv.
    i stay in puri bintaro
    my nationality is indonesian, at home i only speak indonesian.


  14. Hi,
    My name Theo.
    I'm 12 years old.
    I fill my holiday or free time for watching TV at home and sometimes I go to the others city or country.

  15. Hi
    My name Theo
    I'm 12 years old
    I fill my holiday or free times for watching TV and sometimes I go to the others countries or cities with my family

  16. Hello !!!! my name is Bening i from Indonesia i live in Jakarta . i have two sister and one brother . my hobbies is play with my dog . sometimes i play with my rabbit . i like eat pizza because it's so nice . i doesn't like eat salmon because it's so fishy . i like adventure because it's so exited >_<

  17. Hello Mr. Jubiz! My name is Sharene Stefania. Now, I am in grade 7 R (DS). I like to painting, playing computer, reading and of course I like to play anything . In my free time, sometimes I go with my dad or my mom to mall like refreshing. I like reading because with reading, I can get some information and ideas.

  18. Questions:
    1. What makes a good story?
    In good stories there are interesting things and feelings to make people wanted to read more and more
    2. Why do we tell stories?
    If we tell stories to people, people will think, “this book is so good I am going to read it” and by telling stories we could express our self. By telling stories to people, people can have knowledge and new words.

    I’ve made a book in Grade 4. The first step was to make a great title so people want to read it. Then we make a draft and make the final draft. In the draft we make 6 columns we put Introduction, Characters, Beginning, Middle (problems begins), Solve, Ends. Then we make the book and the last step we need to publish it.

  19. hello my name is Aaron. I am 11 years old and i am grade 6GL. I like to play soccer and my birthday is sep,25. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters in my family. I live at gading serpong and i like playing games and watching TV at home i like also to ride a bike.

  20. My name is Rendy Divian Widjaja. I am grade 6GL. I am 11 years old. I like to play computer game and watch TV. Sometimes I like to play soccer with my friends and I like to play badminton.

  21. hello mr jabbiz:)
    my name is yunsoo:D
    nice day.......
    i am 12 years old and i like to play basketball

  22. Hello my name is woo sik
    I'm 13 year old and i like to play soccer

  23. h e l l o Mr.jabiz.
    I'm Soomin in grade 8-1.