Sunday, December 12, 2010

Excited about Curiousity?

I have asked all of my students to write about a time when they were curious about something, a time they were caring, or a time they took a risk, and because I believe that what I am asking them to do is important, I have decided to write a paragraph or two as well.

I am a very curious person. I am always asking myself questions in my head and I love getting to the bottom of something. I think the world is such a fascinating and mysterious place, that I can't believe it is so difficult to get you to be curious. So I am curious about how to make middle school students curious and excited about the world, life and learning.

I know that younger students are very animated and excited to try new things, ask questions, and explore different ideas, but middle school students tend to be much more quiet and bored by school. How can we change this? I have been curious about this idea for some time now, but recently I have really been thinking about. Every night before I fall asleep, I try and think about it for a few minutes.

I think back to when I was in school and remember how boring school was and how I wasn't interested in almost anything, but I was always curious. I always had questions and did a lot of reading and listening to music. I spoke to my dad a lot about the world and politics. I have always been interested in how people interact.

So I guess, my main questions is- How can we get you to look at yourself, find what you are interested in and help you to start learning about it too? Any ideas? Can you help me?


  1. I am curious about natural disasters and who caused them. The main disaster that I want to know most about is tsunami.

    I asked my brother to see if he is interested in tsunami, but he said that he is not interested in those kind of things. So I was dispirited.

    The reason that I want to know more about tsunami is because it's exciting and in movie 2012, the almost end was disrupted by the 1,500 feet high tsunami and almost all the people died by suffocation.
    They breathed water so they died. I want to know why tsunami is high because even though the underwater volcano cause the tsunami, it still can't be high by its own.

    Still, I want to know what happens if you are covered by the tsunami. I think that I can live by swimming in the water, but my brother said that the pressure is too strong that your bones will be crushed and become powder. I don't believe him because I don't think that's true, but I am going to ask people about it.

  2. I think when people grow older they start thinking that they know everything so they stop asking questions and being curious. I think people should be curious because they can learn more about the world so in the future they can become interesting people. I am interested in design and curious of how things work like the political system in different countries. I think you shouldn’t be to curious because you could be so curious its annoying so I think you should just do a inquiry about what curious about and then after you find a answer publish what you found out. I think people who aren’t interesting and are always bored and don’t know what to do aren’t curious about anything.

  3. I think when you grow older and into middle school you think you know everything because your older but you don’t.

    Your still in school!!
    no matter what year you’re in or how old you are you are still the same you should still have questions even though you are much older

  4. I am curious about the environment being polluted. I asked also my parents if they are interested and they said yes so I talk to them about it and then they research it everyday.So I was happy. Also I ask other people about the environment being polluted.

  5. well, elementary student and middle school student mind, act and idea was totally different, For some people in middle school think that games is much way fun rather than study biology or other subject. 1 person who like games lot can be impact to other student. The aim of game is for person who in teenager ages. Game can make money from that so, careful by gaming stuff, don't let student be addicted