Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peace Park Poetry Remix Part II

Hello again grade sevens. You have been doing a wonderful job of writing our group poem about Peace Park. You have also done a great job of recording your part and uploading it to Soundcloud. Here are the next few steps:
  1. Go to our Peace Park Poem google doc and download all the Soundcloud clips from your classmates.
  2. Arrange them however you want and in any order in Garageband.
  3. Add sound effects, music, and or anything else you think will bring it to life. Think about the mood, the feelings and the emotion of the words and how the person read it. (Remember to edit and cut long pauses.)
  4. Share to iTunes and upload to SoundCloud. 
  5. Embed the Soundcloud on your blog and write a short introduction
  6. Add the link of your new complete Peace Park Song (remix) post to the Google Doc.  
Extra credit- If you are having too much fun and don't want to stop, you can add your new song to a slideshow or video using pictures from Peace Park. 

Have fun!

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