Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things are Rolling

Hi everyone!

I am starting to get really excited about our projects for the Unit of Inquiry! All of you have come up with some great ideas and a few of you are off to a great start.  To take a look at all the project please follow this link. Add what you think you might need, and if you have any experience with a topic someone else is doing add your name to the list to help them out.Let's work together to learn.

If you are looking for some good examples for step one- Knowledge, take a look at the following posts.

Veny is learning about ballet and has written a great post with pictures to finish her first task:
  • List basics move of ballet?
  • Describe how to do it?
  • Find the meaning of three words that have to do with ballet. Also add this to your post!
  • Write a blog post.

Ivonne is making art supplies:
  • List top three or five easy home made art supplies.
  • Describe each one in two or three sentences.
  • Write a short paragraph about which one you chose and why? 

Lydia is making cupcakes:
  • List 3-5 of my favorite cupcakes
  • Describe the cupcakes that I choose
  • Name my community
  • List my communities favorite cupcakes
  • Write a paragraph about why these cupcakes relate to my community?

Finally Sharene is designing a watch!
  • Find some programs that I can use to design my watch.
  • Describe which of these sites is the easiest to use.
  • Write a paragraph about the site I will use and why. 

Do not forget to add your blog post to your Google Doc and include the Criterion you have covered.

Great job so far. But remember these are just examples NOT models. Your fist post could look very differently. You could have surveys or charts. Videos or sound.

Looking forward to where this all goes!

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  1. Grade 9 students think that your work is fantastic!
    I enjoy reading your posts and we are proud of your skills.

    We hope that we can produce work as detailed and colorful as yours.