Monday, October 19, 2009

Nick Toczek

As you may have heard, we are lucky to have author Nick Toczek visit our school this week. Nick will be performing for the entire school on Wednesday night from 6-7, but he will also present solely for the secondary during school on Wednesday.  We will have a great opportunity to chat with him after and ask him some questions.

17 Nick Toczek

Here are the basics:
Best-selling author, Nick Toczek, is a full-time professional writer and performer who currently works variously as a poet, magician, storyteller, puppeteer, novelist, stand-up comic, radio DJ, creative writing tutor, journalist, librettist, advertising copy-writer and political researcher. He's published over thirty books and has made more than 30,000 public appearances. His poetry books alone have sold over quarter of a million copies.

We would like you to do some research on the man and prepare some well-thought out questions to ask him during his talk. I have decided to help you out a bit. Here are some places to learn more about him:

  1. MySpace page

  2. Some of his poems

  3. Some of his books

  4. Some of his videos

This is a great opportunity to speak with a professional writer, so let's come up with some insightful questions

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