Saturday, October 17, 2009

Reading Survey

Hello everyone,

This week we will start reading novels in Year 7, 8, and 9, but before we do, I want to get a sense of what kind of readers you all are. We will talk a lot about what makes a person a good active reader in class, but I still want each of you to fill in this survey. Please take your time and write complete sentences for each questions. Please really take the time to think about your answers and write a clear response.

You can take the survey right by clicking in the image below or click here.

Picture 1


  1. Yes, Alex you do need to do it again. I am sorry I had some technical difficulties, but don't worry about doing it tonight- Get some sleep. You can do it tomorrow.

  2. Sir, am finished with the survey.

  3. hiya!

    I am just about to do the survey. I will copy and paste my answers. thanks for the e-mail.


  4. i did it last week.