Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Year9- English Homework

Looks like you have all caught up on the homework that was assigned last class. Here is what you need to do for next Sunday!

1. Read your classmates' blog posts and leave at least two different comments. You can either comment on the Lord of the Flies post or the community post.

2. Read or re-read chapter one from Lord of the Flies. Please write down any notes you have taken while reading. You can type out your questions, notes, or any vocabulary you are having trouble onto the wiki. Click here to find the page.  Basically, anything you are writing in a notebook or a Post-It can be typed here.

I have created some headlines, so try and fit your work into those! Any questions leave them as comments or email me. Don't forget to post some work for your history Africa project on the wiki here.

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