Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Year 8- English Homework

1. Please define the following words and write an original sentence using each word:

  • incline -2

  • scythe -4

  • arbor -5

  • cluster -5

  • court-7

  • vicious -8

  • premonition -9

  • serenade-9

  • congregate -9

  • camisole-10

  • adobe-10

  • horizon-10

  • sprawl-11

  • scold-11

You can either print the definitions or try and add them to the wiki by clicking here. Once you are on the page, simply click Edit on the upper right hand corner.

2. In at least a paragraph explain why Esperanza and Miguel can never marry. Post this answer on your blog and categorize the post as English, Homework, and Esperanza Rising.

3. Add any notes you may have written from  your reading from pages 1-22 on the wiki by clicking here.


  1. Sir, I am finished with all the task!

  2. See if you can post some of your vocab sentences on the wiki.

  3. I did the homework,Now i will go look at the wiki.

  4. I also put some of my notes on the site!