Thursday, February 17, 2011

Peace Park Poems

Hey Language B! How are you guys? Still here in Hong Kong, but have a new assignment for you guys until I get back.

You all did a great job with your rhythm poems, and I was very impressed with your "It All Depends Upon," poems as well, so I want you to try to take the skills you learned:
  • Using words to create rhythm
  • Using descriptive words like adjectives to make your poems have feeling and details
and see if you can write a poem from scratch. Please go back to the Google Doc we created the day we went outside and find a section, an image, a feeling, a sentence, even a few words that you connect with and see if you can turn them into a poem. Try to show us details of what the image feels like, smells like, looks like and sounds like. See if you can write what the image is. If you are having trouble take a look at these images I have posted for some help:

Don't worry too much about getting it "right." Just play with what you see and try to attach the feelings, details, and images to words. Don't think too much, just write down anything that comes to mind. If you finish one early, then try a few more. Please post the final products on your blogs, tag them as Poetry, Peace Park.

If you finished writing at least three poems, continue to work on your custom header. This assignment is only for grade 7 Language B. Everyone else continue with your work from yesterday.

If you have questions ask them in the comments and I will try and get to them when you are on class.

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