Sunday, February 13, 2011

While I Am Away

Hello everyone,

Like I told you on Monday I am in Hong Kong for a conference, but I am sure you are good hands. I have tried to give each of  you clear instructions on what to do for the few days I am gone. Please do not rush through the assignments. Take your time and do good work. I know last time it took us a few days to crate the Adjective videos, but now that you know what you are doing it should be easier.

I hope you all came to class today with your six photos or a camera. Please create a short movie using the photos to tell the story of what you everyday. Be sure to edit your photos, use clear text, and make an original soundtrack. Here is an example Mrs. Raisdana has made for her class. You can read her blog for step-by-step instructions but I think you can all handle it. Should you have any questions, there is at least one person in each class who can help you: Shareen, Wi Sung, Yun Soo, Ivonne

I am not sure how long it will take each of you to complete this task, but here is a list of things that need to be done when you are finished:
  1. Post your video to your blog with a short description of what you did and a reflection. Be sure to include what you learned about taking photos: What makes a photograph interesting? 
  2. Continue work on your custom header and post it on your blog (If you have questions ask your peers)
  3. Make sure your profile including a picture and about me is complete
  4. Read some of your classmates blogs in any grade and add some comments. You can read this great post for ideas on how to leave better comments.
  5. Write a blog post about anything you want. Be sure to include a link and a photo. Need some help with ideas? Write about procrastination- a fancy word for wasting time. How do you procrastinate or do other things when you should be working?  Watch this video and share your thoughts on your blog: 

Procrastination from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

    That should keep you busy for the few days I am gone... Finally I will be in touch through this blog and Facebook so stay tuned for random assignments. I may even Skype into class. Stay tuned.

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